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Camera Lens : Latest Macro, Portrait, Wide Angle Lenses

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For a photographer, a camera with no lens is useless. Even with a cheap camera, a high-quality lens can help you take beautiful shots, while a low-quality lens can make even the best camera useless and produce images of poor quality.

What kinds of camera lenses will you find at Gadgetward?

Prime lenses

Primes feature a fixed lens focal length, making them faster and sharper. They are also lightweight, and hence easy to travel with.

Zoom lenses

Since zooms have more internal glass than prime lenses do, they tend to be larger and heavier and are therefore more flexible.

There are a number of lenses that fall within the prime as well as zoom categories of lenses, each with a different focal length.

Standard Lenses

Standard lenses have a focal length that is large enough above to zoom in and narrow enough below to capture the full-frame scene at a wide angle.

Speciality Lenses

Finally, more specialty camera lenses, like Macro, Telephoto, and others, can offer your pictures a unique look and feel.

While everyone can take a basic picture, camera lenses are often what turn a photo into a truly unique work of art. On Gadgetward, you may find a lens that matches your preferences in terms of appearance, price, and camera type.


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