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A South Korean lens manufacturer called Samyang is most known for their affordably priced manual-focus primes that come in a variety of mount options. The company has, however, substantially expanded the range of its products, and now makes autofocus lenses that, despite being much more reasonably priced, can readily compete with the industry leaders.

Samyang Lenses' Exclusive Qualities:

The Premium XPert Lens

Here is a high-end lens with a fashionable and portable design that records 8K video and takes photographs with a resolution of even more than 50 MP. XP is, no doubt, actively expanding the market for high-end lenses!

Cine Lens

The remarkable optical technology of the world-renowned Samyang Cine Lens is employed in cinematography to create a distinct look that captures delicate emotional expressions and delicately accentuates genuine skin tones.

Professional Cine Lens

The compact and adaptable Professional Cine XEEN CF family of cine prime lenses creates beautiful skin tones and cinematic aesthetics. It is compatible with PL, Canon EF, and Sony E mounts and has five different focal lengths.

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