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DSLRs frequently have larger, more durable bodies than other kinds of cameras, and they support interchangeable lenses. A mirror at the back of a DSLR lens reflects light in the direction of the EVF and the focusing mechanisms. When you take a photo, the shutter opens, the mirror flips up, and the image is displayed on the digital sensor.

Some Prominent Features of DSLRs:


Your camera's aperture controls how much of the scene is in focus. If you desire a small depth of field, widen your lens.  If not, open up the aperture.

Interchangeable lenses

Almost all DSLR cameras let you change the lens. This suggests that you can use your camera body to attach different lenses for a variety of purposes. such as a telephoto lens for distant vistas and a wide-angle lens for photography interiors.


The resolution of an image is determined by its megapixel count, which also determines how much or how much more it can be cropped. You have more megapixels if your prints are larger.

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